Strand Info

Strand info

Strand is mostly known for the fact that it has one of the best swimming beaches in South Africa and it is very popular under locals and tourists alike. However, this bustling little town has a lot more to offer than merely a safe dip in the ocean.

Strand is situated on the eastern edge of False Bay and is approximately 50 km southeast of Cape Town via the N2. It is only 32 km from Cape Town International Airport.

This little seaside town was founded in 1714 and originally known as Mosterd Bay. It had always been a fishing and holiday resort. The historians have written that fishing boats totaling a whopping six could be found in the bay as far back as 1835. These boats were all operated by free slaves and supplied the area as far as Stellenbosch with fresh fish. When the boats came in and once all the fish was loaded into carts, the fishermen would drive from farm to farm selling fresh fish. Soon other farmers and their families came down to the beach to trade with supplies of their own and a practice of common barter emerged on the beach.

Over time, the town became a popular holiday destination with the bay offering the perfect swimming spot. In 1937 it was renamed to “Strand”.